Tour guide Alexander

Are you going to visit Berlin? Then let me be your Berlin tour guide!

 I am Alexander from Berlin.  I offer a variety of tours for groups and individuals here in the German capital.
You can book me for as much time as you like for only 40 € per hour. Learn how historic events shaped Berlin through the centuries, and what and who makes Berlin today. Even if it´s not your first visit: There is always something new to discover, and it would be my pleasure to show you around.

I´ve been  a tour guide since 2011, and a hobby-historian since my childhood. I  studied landscape architecture and have witnessed the development of this great town for more than  30 years.
I work with historic pictures and maps to inspire your imagination of the pre-war Berlin. The details of each tour will be designed according to your interests (see tour-proposals).

feel free to contact me:
Alexander Darda
Tel. +49 -(0)179 – 9039550