Berlin wall tours

Guided tours to remnants and traces of the Berlin wall

The legendary wall that divided Berlin for 28 years, has almost completely vanished from the face of the city. And yet it has crucial impact on the structure of the city. How and where cannot easily be recognized except in some parts. That means: The best way to read the history from what´s left today is to hire a guide!
I offer different tours to the remnants and traces of that inhuman construction. Beside the wellknown ones like the East-Side-Gallery and the wall memorial in Bernauer Strasse there are many others that are even unknown to most Berliners.

Walking tours (duration 2 hours)
Mauertour 1) from East-Side-Gallery to Checkpoint Charly
Mauertour 2) from Checkpoint Charly to the `Parliament of trees´
Mauertour 3) from Brandenburg gate to Bernauer Strasse
Mauertour 4) from a starting point of your choice to an ending point of your choice

Bike-tours (duration ca. 3,5 hours, max. 7 participants)
the distance equals that of the three walking tours, running from East-Side-Gallery up to Bernauer Strasse, where you may have a closer look to the wall memorial on your own. Of course you can ask for different routes that include some other sights. Bicycles are not provided, but are for rent in many shops troughout the city (I can help with adresses if needed).